Sewing Machine Maintenance & Repair

Your sewing machine is your biggest investment in your sewing.  For this reason we recommend that your machine get a service every year to maintain lubrication and happy sewing each time you use it!  (Even more important here in Colorado, in such a dry climate!)

If you have a BERNINA sewing machine please make sure you bring the following items along with your machine to it's next routine maintenance appointment:

BERNINA Sewing Machine:
Power cord
Foot control
Presser Foot #1
Automatic Button hole foot (if updates are needed)
Case (Soft case or hard case)

BERNINA Sewing Machine w/Embroidery
Power cord
Foot Control
Presser Foot #1
Embroidery Presser Foot #26 (or #9)
Cord for embroidery to machine
Large Oval Hoop

Any other brand of sewing machine make sure you bring the following for a complete routine maintenance:
Power Cord
Universal Presser Foot
Bobbin Case (with bobbin)

*Please make sure your machine is labeled with your name!

Service Rotation is Thursday- Thursday, unless a part is needed.

Please let us know if there are any specific issues you are experiencing with your machine at the time of drop-off so that we may check that after the service is completed. 

*If your machine has something wrong with it beyond a general service and a specific part is needed, the typical turn-around time for that part can be up to 7 days.  This is not common, but does happen occasionally.

What is included in a General Service?
Your machine will be taken apart and:
-cleaned inside and outside of machine
-Software updated (if applicable)

A 30 Point check system which includes:
Foot Control (health)
Hand wheel
Bobbin Winder
Spool Holder(s)
Cam Stack Gear
Tension Unit
Needle Bar
Presser Foot Bar
Hook Driver (if applicable)
Feed Dogs (height & timing)
Needle front to back
Needle positions
Zig Zag position
Needle Height
Needle Hook Clearance

Adjustments are made to:
The Bobbin Case Tension
Top Tension
Straight Stitch
Thread Regulator
Needle Threader
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