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Sewing Machine Maintenance & Repair

Meet Elijah, our in-house repair technician

Sewing Machine Repair / Maintenance
Your sewing machine is your biggest investment in your sewing. 
For this reason we recommend that your machine get a service
every year to maintain lubrication and happy sewing each time you use it! 
(Even more important here in Colorado, in such a dry climate!)

Serving Lafayette,CO Louisville, CO Boulder, CO The
Certified BERNINA repair Maintenance Certified Sewing Machine Repair All Brand Sewing Machine Repair Lafayette Colorado Louisville Colorado Sewing Machine Repair

All Brand Sewing Machine Repair
If you have a BERNINA sewing machine please make sure you bring the following items along with your machine to it's next routine maintenance appointment:

BERNINA Sewing Machine:
Power cord (older models, more than 10 years old, or a 1008)
Foot control (older models, more than 10 years old, or a 1008)
Presser Foot #1
Automatic Button hole foot (newer models)
Case (Soft case or hard case)

BERNINA Sewing Machine w/Embroidery
Power cord
Foot Control
Presser Foot #1
Embroidery Presser Foot #26 (or #9)
Cord for embroidery to machine
Large Oval Hoop

Serger Maintenance/Repair
Power cord/foot control
Universal Presser Foot (the standard foot)

Long Arm Maintenance/Repair

varies, please call for info

All other brands (Home Sewing Machine)
Bring the following for a complete routine maintenance:
Power Cord
Universal Presser Foot
Bobbin Case (with bobbin)

Industrial Sewing Machine

Call us for details. Every machine is different, and we cannot service all of them.

*Please make sure your machine is labeled with your name!

What is included in a General Service?
Your machine will be taken apart and:
-cleaned inside and outside of machine
-Software updated (if applicable)

A 30 Point check system which includes:
Foot Control (health)
Hand wheel
Bobbin Winder
Spool Holder(s)
Cam Stack Gear
Tension Unit
Needle Bar
Presser Foot Bar
Hook Driver (if applicable)
Feed Dogs (height & timing)
Needle front to back
Needle positions
Zig Zag position
Needle Height
Needle Hook Clearance

Adjustments are made to:
The Bobbin Case Tension
Top Tension
Straight Stitch
Thread Regulator
Needle Threader
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